Hayat Sağlık dergisinin son sayısı çıktı.

It has been seven years since the first release of our journal HayatSağlık, aiming academic evaluation of the common points in social and medical sciences within a single frame, as a part of Hayat Health and Social Sciences Foundation. Various thematic issues from immigration to ethics and health museums to medical technology constitute the wide spectrum meeting with the knowledgeable authors within and out of the academic circles on the Journal’s pages. This time, what we put on the stage is a special edition designed for the Congress on Health in Africa. All the authors contributed to this issue are/were African students in Turkey. They kindly accepted our proposal to write an article about a specific health issue related to their native countries with a focus on the social determinants of health. We believe that their priceless contributions to our journal prove that collaboration between Turkey and Africa always promises a brilliant potential to be realized if given an already deserved chance.

With this opportunity, we would like to thank your participations and say welcome to all our guests from different parts of the world and wish a successful congress.        

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Hayat Sağlık dergisinin son sayısı çıktı.

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Hayat Sağlık dergisinin son sayısı çıktı.

It has been seven years since the first release of our journal Devamı

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